Is a Q50 Carbon Fiber Spoiler a Good Choice?

The q50 carbon fiber spoiler is deemed to be the best combination for a racing car. Spoilers improve the steering of the car during a race. They maintain specific balance by reducing air resistance. Spoilers are present either at the front or at the rear side of the car. Various other spoilers are also available just to adjust the balance of the car. While carbon fiber spoilers have proved very effective in the terms of dimensional stability. Carbon fiber spoilers are made up of carbon fibers of about 5-10 micrometers in size. These light weight, cross woven carbon fibers provide the following characteristics to the spoiler;

  • High stiffness
  • Less weight
  • High tensile strength
  • Low thermal expansion that helps to cope with temperature changes

Carbon fiber spoilers not only add a luxurious style to Q50 but are also durable. These spoilers channel the airflow in the required order and reduce the drag.

Properties of a good carbon fiber spoiler

Q50 is a fast racing car, its users prefer having a wing or a spoiler for style. Whereas, racers install spoilers to their Q50 to maintain equilibrium while driving. Carbon fiber spoilers have the following distinctions;

  • More physical strength to endure high air pressure
  • Light weight with a tough structure
  • Damp vibrations
  • Reduce drag and increase speed

Do carbon fiber spoilers add style to the car?

Spoilers improve the overall look of any car, but spoilers installed to Q50 absolutely give it a definite look. Rear spoilers are generally more attractive and create more downward force to keep the vehicle planted to the road. Spoilers are multipurpose tools in this case. Front spoilers are mostly present on the lower side of the car. They reduce the amount of air going under the vehicle, thus avoiding the uplift at higher speeds.

Do carbon fiber spoilers help you in saving gas mileage?

A vehicle consumes more fuel when it exerts more drag. Spoilers function to reduce drag by creating a specific passage for the air. This sets the vehicle in equilibrium and does not exert higher steering pressure. This can help you in saving fuel and goes easy on your pocket. This is possible mostly on highways when cars do not stop for a long interval and maintain high speeds.

Do carbon fiber spoilers increase the weight of Q50?

Carbon fiber spoilers are made up of carbon fibers, that are light in weight but add greater strength to spoilers. Spoilers attached with Q50 or other cars direct the airflow in such a way that, they decrease the drag. Decreased drag means decreased pressure, which makes the car lighter in weight while driving. It ultimately increases the speed of your car with improved traction.


If you are in the search of spoilers for your Q50, carbon fiber spoilers are the best option for this purpose. But you are always advised to do a thorough research on the product and various stores selling the product. Otherwise, this may not last longer which isn’t what you want.



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